What can we help you with today? Something savory sweet? A little something to make the day better? A reward for doing a good job or just a thank you for helping out? We've taken the guesswork out of finding the right gift to give. Here is all of our chocolate bundles we offer, full of great treats and amazing possibilities.

Don't let this stop you from giving us a call or dropping us an email, we craft specialty bundles every day for our customers and are happy to do so for you too. Just let us know your needs and we'll put it together too!

Executive Chocolate Box

$ 112.00

Rise and Shine Collection

$ 75.30

Chocolate Trifecta Collection

$ 72.55

Chocolate Bark Collection

$ 69.00

Baked Delights

$ 56.00

Fruit Classics

$ 51.75

Celebration Box

$ 51.00

Savory Sweet Box

$ 49.00

Chocolate Dipped Treats

$ 47.60

Snack Box

$ 41.00

Salted Favorites

$ 39.50