Who are you?

Check out our About page for more information on us personally.

Q: Where are you located?
A: You can find us 6 days a week at Providence Plaza, 2935 Providence Road, Suite 104, Charlotte NC 28211

Q: During the Covid-19 Pandemic / Stay-at-Home orders what are you all doing?
A: We have shifted our hours (see below), are offering a discounted free-shipping, curbside service, and to some close by the shop local delivery. We are working at a reduced staff and alternating days with a very high regimented cleaning schedule. If you have any questions reach out to Robin.

Q: What are your hours?
A: Temporarily different hours: Tue-Fri: 11a-4p, Sat-Sun: 12p-4p

Q: Where are you all from?
A: Charlotte NC, Myrtle Beach SC, Columbia SC

Q: What’s your background?
A: Bill has a long pedigree of work from growing up in a family bakery. He serviced many of the resorts in the Myrtle Beach community for 12 years competing and winning many local awards. He has also owned his own bakery Mostly Muffins, in Columbia, SC where he was the hit of the town. He was also the lead pastry Chef for Taverna in Charlotte before it’s untimely closure.  Robin is an educator by profession but is quickly learning under her fathers tutelage.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: We began in 2008 at regional farmers markets. After a year we worked our way into local retail stores then in June 2011 we opened our own retail store and commercial kitchen. 

Q: Do You Deliver?
A: Delivery is available for any order. We utilize a local courier service that ranges from $15-$30 depending on distance from pickup. To inquire please call us.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Call us at 704-323-8178 or use our web form. We will call or email you back ASAP.

Product Related

Q: What’s an infusion?
A: We use fresh seasonal ingredients from regional farmers to create our unique flavors. There are no extracts or oils used. Everything is processed in a cream steeping method to bring out the peak flavors for your enjoyment. Bill wrote an article: What is a Chocolate Infusion? on our blog.

Q: What do you mean no additives, etc.
A: Early on we decided that the best can’t be tampered with. To gain shelf stability, temperature stability, etc, requires you to bring a lot of science in and that pushes the natural out. You can sense it, taste it, and we don’t like to contribute to those systems. As a result we feel we have a better product than others. We strive to stay as close to the source of all our ingredients as possible.

Q: How do I store your items?
A: We recommend storing them in your refrigerator.

Q: How long can they be stored?
A: Technically the truffles can last quite a long time refrigerated. For freshness and peak flavors we recommend consuming them within a few weeks of receiving.

Q: Will the flavors last?
A: Because we use natural components they will fade. Herbal infusions are the quickest to fade while spice infusions tend to last longer.

Shipping Related

Q: Do You Ship?
A: Yes, most of our products we ship.  We want to make sure you can experience what we, and many others know as a great experience. Sadly, not all of our products can arrive unharmed. It’s why we take the highest precautions when shipping to you.

Q: Do I have to be home to receive a shipment?
A: While you are not required to be home, we can only know freshness and perfection awaits you if you are there to receive it. 

Q: What is your shipping schedule?
A: We only ship Tue-Thurs* to make sure your chocolate gift is not going to be held over a long weekend. By shipping with USPS we can still get there on Saturday. *--exceptions do exist [winter is flexible], call us to work out the details.


Retailing / Catering Solutions

Here are a few pages detailing out some specifics for an industry or style of placement. It is meant to start the conversation, please contact us for more information or help finding how we can work together.

Q: I am a retailer, can we host your product?
A: Yes, we are making inroads to local retail/restaurant establishments. If you would like to inquire more please contact us directly at 704-323-8178 or use our web form . We offer wholesale accounts and volume discounts.

Q: Can you cater my [insert event]?
A: We would be glad to bring an excellent array of desserts to an event of your choice. We can work with your budget and head count to deliver excellent sweets tailored to your needs. Just contact us for more information!