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Memorable Moments

Nothing shows someone you value them like quality, handmade chocolate gifts. From smaller platters, favors, and treats to larger gift boxes and baskets, we can make your business stand out! Possibilities with customization and various delivery options make us able to handle just about any special request.

Concierge Service

Robin is your gracious guide through the chocolate wonderland! If you have a specific need, request, or any questions, please reach out to her. She's here to make your corporate gift giving an easy, and even fun task! 
Phone: 704-323-8178 x 701

Baked Delights

$ 56.00

Celebration Box

$ 51.00

Chocolate Bark Collection

$ 69.00

Chocolate Dipped Treats

$ 47.60

Chocolate Trifecta Collection

$ 72.55

Executive Chocolate Box

$ 112.00

Fruit Classics

$ 51.75

Rise and Shine Collection

$ 75.30

Salted Favorites

$ 39.50

Savory Sweet Box

$ 49.00

Snack Box

$ 41.00