Dad's Like Chocolate Too! June 16th is coming up quick!
Celebrate love with The Secret Chocolatier's Valentine's Collection, where each chocolate is a crafted expression of affection. Our selection is perfect for capturing the essence of Valentine's Day. However, the magic doesn't end there; feel free to explore our wider range of chocolate delights. We're delighted to offer bespoke Valentine's packaging on any of our products, ensuring your gift resonates with care and sophistication. Let us assist in making your Valentine's celebration uniquely memorable with the timeless allure of fine chocolate.

When Words Fail, There's Always Chocolate Basket

$ 96.00

Valentines Gift Box

$ 61.00

18 Piece Valentine's Heart-Shaped Caramel Box

$ 42.75

Sweet 16 Heart Chocolate Box

$ 38.00

Handcrafted Edible Chocolate Roses

$ 15.00

Valentines Cherries

$ 15.75

Valentine's Treat Bag

$ 11.25

All You Need is Love....and Chocolate Tumbler

$ 25.00

Sweet Sips & Bites: Tea and Chocolate Indulgence Kit

$ 44.50