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We're a Slow Food family and that means that we're going to look local when we can to help local producers and co-producers. Not to mention it raises the bar of what we make that much more.

Hot Pepper Herb Farm

Their booth at the Matthews Farmers market says 'As Hot As Possible' and they can do it quite well. Eric and Cathy do a fantastic job farming all sorts of peppers and herbs. We've sourced from them for quite some time. If you love our Tres Incendios and Blueberry Chili bark then you can thank them for their anchos and serrano peppers.

Underwood Family Farm

Underwood has supplied us with sorghum for years and we utilize theirs and their neighbors sorghum in our old fashioned molasses pulls. Fantastic regional flavor.

Salts of the Earth

Out of Matthews, Keith and Donna bring a passion for flavors and contrasts that salt creates to the fore. We utilize their resources for cyprus salt, murray river, and Alaskan blueberry salt. More to come we're sure! 

Savory Spice Shop

An array of spices from wall to wall envelope you in this wonderful shop. You'll find what you need and what you didn't know you needed. They educate us each time we visit and we're glad to include some of their hot chilies, cinnamons, and more.